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Welcome to my website!

Here you will mainly see my new paintings and sculptures. New works are displayed here regularly.
In the beginning of my career as an artist I was mainly involved in painting, but in recent years I have also started to make bronze sculptures. All of this is self-taught. As a young girl, I already spent much of my time drawing and modelling. Now it has become my profession. The expressive power is in my fingers and senses, and finds its way into my work.

Many of the people who know my work characterise it as 'versatile and multicoloured', and it is true that I enjoy working with and mixing colours. The diverse themes that I paint hold my interest. The styles that I use connect emotionally to the theme. You can see this in the many abstract works that I have made in recent years, but also in the flowers and my other paintings. The range is diverse, from a blooming forsythia to a woman in labour. 

The search for the essence of being continues to fascinate me and is the source from which I approach and consider everything. In my experience, a human being is a minuscule part within the universe, and pride is not a virtue.

Besides the work displayed on the website and in the gallery, you can also contact me for a commission. Please feel free to contact me or make an appointment to visit my studio. I hope my work on the website will inspire you enough to visit my studio and gallery in Lunteren. You are always welcome on Fridays! We are open from 10.00 hours. Would you like to visit us on another day? This is also possible, but it is advisable to make an appointment.

Kind regards,

Mieke Baak